Friday, July 19, 2013

We love St. Patrick's Day. Sure, it's an excuse to tell everyone you're Irish, paint on some freckles with that brown eyeliner you've had for years and yell, "Kiss me! I'm Irish!" - but it's also an excuse to dress up. You know we love that! While the boring folk just pull their green clothes out of their closet and layer them on, we like to go all out. Costumes, beads, etc - anything will do when it comes to our costumes! 
Our favorite costume is an Adult Leprechaun outfit with an oversized head. Don't worry, the headpiece has see-through mesh eyes, so you won't be stumbling around like a blind man. You will, however, be attracting the attention of all those around you in your fantastically realistic looking getup! Trust us, this is one HILARIOUS outfit you can't afford to miss! 
Girls can take part in the fun as well with our fabulously greenLeprechaun Child Costume. This outfit isn't too over the top, so she could wear it to school or to a party at her friend's house and feel totally fabulous. It includes a green dress, black jacket, and leprechaun belt and matching hat. Voila, you've gone green!
Boys will love our funny (and way more over the top) version! This yellow and green confection is PERFECT for the class clown- it even includes a hilarious beard! The hat and the outfit are all there. It's the best way to celebrate while still having a good time. 
Even toddlers can get in on the fun withthis comfy adorable green outfit! It includes a little green velvet jacket, with matching hat and belted detail. Perfect for the tot who loves to play dress up! 
Go off and hunt for the gold at the end of the rainbow! We'll see you there! 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Whenever you're on the market to get a costume, don't forget to accessorize! Especially around Halloween when parties are abundant and prizes are to be had. Of course it all depends on the costume you plan to wear, but earrings and necklaces are always a great accessory. I suggest you almost always start with a wig. Even if you think your costume doesn't need one, I'm certain with enough creativity you'll find the perfect wig. Another fun idea is utilizing your whole family for your costume. Try having a theme such as, The Adams Family or The Simpsons. You can find wigs that will work for you and whatever theme you finally decide on. It's easy enough for find wigs for men, women & children. The best place to get the selection you need and the fast delivery is online. I have faith that you will choose well and be the standout at whatever party you attend!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Super Hero Party

So this blog entry is intended for club or bar owners across the country. But anyone who would like to entertain on a regular basis can take something away from this. Sunday night I was at my favorite night club and they have a new theme every week, this week was Super Hero's. And it got me to thinking, this could really be great to replicate anywhere, especially if you can get the patrons or guests to commit. Of course at a bar or night club, it is difficult to have 100% participation, but even when a considerable amount of people dress up, it really gets everyone in the mood. If you're looking for places online to send your guests or patron's, I suggest They have a great Super Hero costume selection, as well as any costume you may be looking for. So get your invitations sent and prepare to party like a Super Hero!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


So I was in Los Angeles this past weekend. Do you know that that is one city where you can walk out in a new costume everyday and fit right in? No worries about weird looks or hate mail the next day, you just have to know where to go with each outfit! For example, if you want to wear a wig out for the night, you can certainly find your way to West Hollywood for some great clubs that don't think twice when seeing someone wearing a wig. Maybe you just want to dress like your favorite star in Hollywood, try a Marilyn Monroe costume on Hollywood Boulevard. And if a family vacation is in order, try a Mickey Mouse costume with the kids at Disneyland! No matter where you go in Los Angeles, you can fit in while wearing your favorite costume! Good luck and have a tip!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Watching Speed Racer

So I was bored last night and grabbed a movie off the shelf to throw in the DVD player. Of all the movies to choose from, I decided on Speed Racer, a movie written and directed by the Wachowski Brothers. Staring Emile Hirsch as Speed Racer and Mathew Fox as Racer X. Together they battle the evil empire of Royalton Racing and all of their goones for hire. With a little assistance from the whole Racer family and Trixie, Racer's main squeeze, will they win over the dark forces? If you decide you want to dress up and join in on the excitement, try a Speed Racer costume of your own or maybe a Trixie costume works better for you. Either way, make your movie night a little more exciting with a themed party with everyone in costume!

Halloween is right around the corner!

Are you ready? Halloween is right around the corner! Have you thought about what sort of costume you want to wear this year? Picking the right outfit can be a bit challenging. But with patients and enough creativity, you can be the center of attention. Make sure your Halloween costume will get everyone's attention. That doesn't mean it has to be a flashy costume, but original is always best. Try logging onto to begin your search. They have a large selection of classic costumes, original costumes & costmes you won't believe. The best part is, that you can look through the website, pick out your costume and ship it directly to your address. You don't have to go to the store and waste all that time. Still stumped for and idea? I'll let you in on a little seceret... Watch your favorite scary movie and it will all fall into place this Halloween! Don't forget to check out the plus size costume section as well.

Giants in the Superbowl

Okay, I have to admit, I'm not a die hard fan of football. However, living in New York and having the Giants in the Super Bowl was a little exhilarating! The game itself was, of course, amazing! That was such a nerve racking last 4 minutes, I don't know how my heart survived! Then there was the parade! I had a friend from overseas with me and our corner was particularly rowdy. We were a block from the actual parade route. Everyone was pushing us to get to the front, then at two points they pushed through the barricades. The police were getting rather upset, but maintained control. Though we saw a couple of small fights, it wasn't too bad. Eventually, we decided to just get out, while we could. The Super Bowl party I went to was quite fun, there were plenty of friends hanging out and enjoying the game as well as the ever funny commercials... Still not sure which one is my favorite this year. In need of Super Bowl party supplies? Get online and check out our selection of New York Giant's plates and napkins. We're far more than just a Halloween costume store!