Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dress like Modern Day Royalty

Lately, everyone's been all about the Royal Family. Following William and Kate's star-studded wedding on April 26th, Kate and her sister Pippa exploded onto the scene. They've covered People magazine, they've been spotted on the style blogs, and dresses they wear sell out in mere minutes. MINUTES, people! These girls clearly have some power  - but they're not the only royals out there. William and Kate might be the most famous royal couple since Charles and Diana, but there are plenty more royals out there. There's also Princess Beatrice, daughter of Duchess Sarah Ferguson, who's been spotted out and about with her boyfriend, Dave Clark, quite a bit since the Royal Wedding took place. Pippa Middleton, however, has probably enjoyed the most fame following the big day - there are entire blogs dedicated to Pippa's carefree high-street style - as well as articles dedicated to her assets and tan legs. Ridiculous? Perhaps - but it's clear the public is infatuated with the modern day fairy tale that is the life of a royal.

Which brings us to our own fantasy, which is, not surprisingly, to live in our very own fairy tale. We'd like nothing more than to lounge around in a Cinderella costume all day long. Of course, it would be best if it wasn't a costume, but just our everyday wear. We'd also be totally fine spending our days in a Beauty and the Beast Belle costume. However, we'll settle for an Elizabethean Queen costume - talk about a trip back in time!  Gents, we'll recommend you get your fix with a crown fit for a king. 

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